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Hello Entrepreneur,

We are excited to announce BusinessToolbox (BTB); the most Powerful Home-Based Business ever created; that will put more cash in your pocket than anything else online today. Our powerful breakthrough concept incorporates sound business principles taught in every major business college around the world such as hard work, dedication, persistence and consistency.

But we don't stop there. !

With the advent of technology, we have been able to combine those principles with a few key ingredients such as Duplication and Leverage.

Throw in the "X Factor" which is you and you have an explosive recipe for massive, hyper-growth for you!

With BTB, you will get paid maximum pay for promoting powerful in-demand marketing products and education. Let's face it; everyone wants extra cash, needs leads and traffic and agrees that staying abreast of new marketing techniques is critical to success. Here at BTB we give you the best of all worlds.

Business Toolbox was created from a track record of over two decades of online success in the industry. Now a novice and advanced marketer can take their income to another mind-blowing income level.

Put together by experienced marketers; The BTB mission is to help everyone achieve extraordinary success. This exclusive and powerful team has made millions online and is directly responsible for literally helping and shaping the lives of 10's of thousands of people with state-of the art tools marketing techniques. They have done it all and are now ready to help you personally to achieve prosperity through new powerful lead generation tools and system combined with informative educational products that will take your income to a completely new level.

Success leaves traces and you're about to learn from the best.

We've built successful marketing companies and most importantly trained people to be successful online. The Business Toolbox is supported by a rock sold 15 year old A+ BBB rated company. We own the tee-shirt and it's got blood stains all over it from past experience trying new concepts; finding out what works and what doesn't.

Marketing takes work and discipline. There are right ways and wrong ways to do it and we are going to teach you the right way. You'll also want to learn from people that have had success. We walk the talk. But most importantly, times change and you need to know that keeping up with technology and new marketing concepts will give you the winning edge you need to be successful online. We're talking about pushing you're marketing reset button on your business and giving you the next generation of proven marketing power tools to explode your income. But there's more...

We're here to help you make money. Not chump change either, but serious cash for once. You already know the economy is not up to par and that's putting it nicely. It actually is a real disaster out there. Millions and Millions are hurting and unemployed.

Foreclosures are still on the rise and our current government would have you believe that the recession is easing. But that is farther from the truth.

The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train getting ready to run over you. Wake up and get out of the way! Our first secret that we want to hammer home to you is that you must break the cycle of the J.O.B. mentality and stop trading your time for money. Don't get us wrong, working for a living has its place but you are rarely (if ever) going to make your dreams reality trading time for money.

You need to develop a successful business to take your life back. That can be a home-based business or a traditional business. We have all the mechanics to help either one. The sooner you understand that you are in control of your life; the sooner you will start generating the serious money; that up to now; you have only dreamed about. We know we can help!

If you want to earn the BIG MONEY and really put a dent in your financial situation, you need to earn a PROFIT and not a PAYCHECK.

In the Products and Make Money sections of the site, you will see how we combine your "hard-work" so it means something.
Let's face it, how many people do you know who worked hard their whole life, yet have nothing to show for it?

It's a sad situation. If you want different results, you need to think differently. You need to follow the path of successful people that have done it before because success leaves clues.

The ownership and management at BTB has a proven track record of success. But more importantly it the amount of people we have helped along the way that is most impressive. As Dr. Stan Harris says, "We use our business to build people".

It's similar to a frachising concept where we have a proven formula. According to Wikipedia, franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. However we don't ask for the $25,000 start-up price tag or the monthly royalties.

Just plug in, duplicate and collect your profit. Ready, Set, Go!!

The good news is that people are naturally gravitating online to generate cash to make ends meet and that's a good thing. Because once you start making money online and see how easy it is you will never want to work for someone else again. You will literally stop living paycheck to paycheck and take control your financial destiny.

We want to help America and the world get back to work and position you for success by given you an incredible opportunity with Business Toolbox. Just imagine Your very own Home-Based Business, where you can earn tremendous incomes, discover inside marketing secrets from legendary gurus and learn powerhouse marketing strategies to lift your home-business into the stratosphere. We are talking about BIG Time Success!

Get Ready For Your Success!

You'll get paid virtually overnight and the "Happy Truck" will visit you regularly. No more waiting 30 to 60 days in the rear for you're nickel and dime checks.

Business Toolbox gives you maximum pay with our dual compensation plan. You can earn 100% fast-money with our Business Centers and as high as 90% commission on our residual plan.

As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of income to be earned in Business Toolbox. Your job is to just pass along the BTB story to as many people as you can, using the many systems we have available. It's as simple as that. Then help them do the same. Duplication and Leverage. We've married these two symbiotic concepts so that you increase your success. Help others become successful and you in turn will be successful. This simple concept is true in the corporate world as well as the internet.

The Business Toolbox has made this Home-Business Opportunity very easy to understand and extremely fast for you to succeed. All you do is choose the level you can afford to get started. We recommend you start at the highest level you can afford to maximize your commissions. As you start generating more cash you can move up to the next level to generate even more commission (leverage) at that next level. Now you have no excuses. Do something about your finances today and claim your position right now.

You will get fantastic products for your purchase too. Check out the product section.

A Powerful System Awaits You!

Starting a Home-Based Business can be very frustrating, but not here at BTB. We've designed a simple yet powerful automated system that will take out most of all the heavy lifting and the difficulty of getting your business up and running fast. It will take work on your part. Not just any work but "smart work". You must understand nothing online is totally automated and we want to eliminate "Do Nothing"? mentality in the industry.

We want to be honest and straight forward with you right now. All businesses take work. So, if you been feed a lazy mans approach online and expect that you can sign up here; do nothing and be a millionaire by noon, then this is not for you.

Get realistic and start taking responsibility for your success. We hope you understand our candid and direct honesty here is for your benefit. The one thing that BTB will never do is give you a bunch of BS and try to mislead you. We want you to understand that our system has major automated features, but will take work on your part to implement our proven systems to ensure positive productivity and results. This consistent effort on your part can be done working as little as 1 hour a day.

With BTB you'll work smarter not harder with our Turn Key Automated Systems. We have designed an amazing program that eliminates the major pit falls and failures to ensure maximum results.

As you can see our enormous product lineup has tremendous value and not only will you generate more assets and cash flow but also get re-educated on the latest online techniques, but you'll be able to resell many of these products for more profits and we'll show you how to do just that. You'll make even More Cash reselling them. The profit potential is unlimited.

Bonuses to Ensure Your Success!

Big Bonuses are coming your way when you get started with BTB. We also have contests from time-to-time as well as our Executive Club bonus commissions.

While there will be marketers that take full advantage of BTB's pay plan; great products and training; who will say to themselves, This is My Ticket!? We believe that the income potential is staggering; generating six figures monthly due to you're determination, endurance and perseverance is possible. These are the kind of people that roll up their sleeves and go to work. Here is your opportunity.

I hope so. We're not making a bunch of income claims here. We're not going to give you a bunch of BS hype. Honestly; we'll be teaching a plan that is practical, proven, and simple how you can generate $10,000 or more per month. It will take work, and we have put in place a powerful automated system that will consistently generate you serious cash. That is a fact and you can take it to the bank.

This opportunity is not a NO Brainer. It's a Brainer! You'll actually learn here. We're going to make you a smarter savior marketer. You really don't have anything to lose. We have taken all the risk out of joining BTB. Here is your chance to generate more cash than you have ever dream of and learn at the same time. Please help yourself and allow us to help you get back your life with the most powerful online program today.

Get Ready for the Real Secret!

Business Toolbox is truly a high end success-generating machine that is attracting thousands of people who want change. Change from the crazy unemployment woes and this uncertainty recession climate. We know it's important to you to find a rock solid company that you can trust. With all of the scams online; we also know you're looking for integrity, great products to promote, and a simple structure that will ensure success. The real inside secret here is YOU. You're the one this program was created for. You're the one that is the missing piece of the puzzle and you're the one we want to help financially. Without YOU? there is NO SUCCESS. You are truly the missing link.

We believe that you are unstoppable and deserve financial freedom. In understanding the power of BTB; you'll open up to new and exciting marketing techniques; embrace your learning and earning potential, and develop yourself as a leader along the way. The true inside secret is YOU. Understanding yourself, developing your skills and attracting wealth into your life through the power of Business Toolbox.

Abundance is Inside of You!

We encourage you to embrace the life changing experience of BTB and attract abundance into you're life. Take the next step, never doubt yourself, be decisive, and get started right now. After all, nobody can stop you but you. You already have the desire, endurance, and perseverance to succeed. You just need a chance to make it happen and that's where we come in. Let us help you generate the serious high-end cash you so rightly deserve. Get started right now.

Discovering BTB is about finding your lost entrepreneurial self, waking up that inner hidden drive, motivating yourself to be all that you can be with universal laws that point you in the right direction at the right time. We want you to surrender to your "interpreneur" to become financially free. Deep down inside we know how much you want a better lifestyle for yourself and you're family and it all starts with joining our professional team. Do that right now and click on the join link and let's get you started.

What Are Your Waiting For? It's Time for YOU to Power Your Dream!


  • really hot. That is plenty of time for you to become familiar with all of our many product/tools, which allows you to become more proficient in our Industry.  I highly recommend that you join today!
    Bill Braylark Jr

  • My search is over, I am convinced that BusinessToolBox (BTB) works. I have finally found an opportunity that has everything, top notch marketing tools, phenomenal training and compensation plan. I would recommend BTB to anyone who truly want to make money online.
    Belinda Allen

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